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Logos and Branding Project Descriptions

Logos and Branding are my favorite projects. Image 1 features a business card design for a comic and collectible store, so the design had to reflect that environment. Filter effects in Adobe Illustrator created a newsprint feel for the background.

Supporting local businesses and organizations is important to me. Image 2 is the logo for Precision Fitness. Bold colors and a triumphant figure demonstrate the business’ core values of vitality and persistence. Image 3, the logo for Pikes Peak Permaculture, posed the challenge of including a variety of elements: trees, Pikes Peak, a hammock, sun rays, rebirth, and roots in the earth.

The fourth project here is the logo for Waveform Expressionism, an abstract art form focusing on movement, texture, and light. Since it was not meant to be displayed on anything but stationery and the internet, liberty was taken in making use of dynamic texture and light.

The final image is the logo for Figurative Arc, the creative body of work of Jon Sargent. The client requested a low-detail logo for web avatars and small print sizes, and a high-detail version for possible use on banners. The logo incorporates metaphors of energy from nature, and man’s struggle with nature, by depicting the mythic scene of Hercules wrestling Antaeus.

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