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Digital Manipulations Gallery

Digital Photo Manipulation Descriptions

Image 1: Water

A water texture I created with layers and filter effects in Adobe Photoshop. Various blending modes were used on different colored layers in order to achieve the finished color palette.

Image 2: Fireplace Creation

With the exception of the photographs on the mantle piece (see Copyright Claims below), this fireplace setting was developed entirely in Photoshop. Textures were created using filters and effects, then applied and repeated in order to create bricks, wood, and other surfaces. The picture frames were all constructed in Photoshop as well.

Image 3: Eyeball Light Effect

This piece presents an eerie, eye-like effect. Motion filters were layered with different opacity settings, and layers of color were blended.

Image 4: ‘Feline Twins’ Manipulation

Sometimes a bizarre or mundane source image can yield unexpected effects. This Photoshop project was based on an image of soap stains on a sink faucet. Several filters and color layers later, we see the end result.

Copyright Claims

All photographs on the mantle piece of the fireplace manipulation¬†are property of the photographer, presented under “fair use” laws solely for the purpose of demonstrating skills in my portfolio. Visit his site here.

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