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Graphic designer, fine artist, and consultant whose diverse skills include writing, mentoring, and customer service. Proven collaborator who benefits from patience and strong listening ability.

Possesses keen organizational skills, and is capable of shifting priorities to meet changing deadlines. Improves overall employee efficiency and synergy through analysis and training. Sensitive, intuitive, and capable of calm communication under pressure.

Interested in using creative and interpersonal skills to help people and organizations realize their potential. Actively seeking full-time employment.

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Art Director

Currently the Art Director for print media produced by Ripple Effect Publishing, LLC in Colorado Springs. Recent project: When Farming’s in Your Blood, a photo-essay on Southern Colorado organic farmers written and photographed by Peter J. Marchand.

Desktop Publishing

Page layouts including books, booklets, brochures, flyers, and posters.


Specializing in clean, easily reproduced logos for print on a full range of materials. Clients have included Colorado Springs organizations like Pikes Peak Permaculture, Action Collectibles, and Precision Fitness.

Promotional Art

Site and event-specific publications raising awareness for causes, organizations, and special occasions. Print distribution and social media capabilities. Working knowledge of HTML and web design, CMS such as WordPress.

Photographic Embellishment

Enhancements of photography including touch-up, color correction, and digital manipulation. Use of Adobe Photoshop and similar applications.

Scanning and Printing Devices

Operation of a variety of scanning and printing equipment. Acquisition of digital images from slides and prints. Output of documents from plates, plotters, and conventional printers. Troubleshooting of printing/scanning issues under tight deadlines.


Supervisory experience as both an art director, and senior-level production technician for a publishing company that produced community booklets for national clients. Managed individuals and maintained standards for quality control.

Fine Art

Published fine artist with skills in illustration, cartooning, representational and abstract painting, beading, and assemblage pieces.

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